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Easy remote learning
made for education

Fieldtrip is a video-based hybrid learning platform designed expressly for education.

Made with ❤️ by Smore

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A new hybrid teaching experience

Fieldtrip was designed with teachers, for teachers, to be an effective teaching tool

Everything is a click away

We designed Fieldtrip to be easy to use and quick to learn. Jump between slides, polls, videos, and questions with just a click.

Prepare or improvise

Set everything up ahead of time, or go ahead and wing it. Fieldtrip adapts to you and your teaching style.

Free* until January 2021

Fieldtrip is free for all paying Smore plans, from the smallest single educator to a district-wide school license.

A chill, “synchron-ish” learning experience

Fieldtrip is like a DVR for the class. Pause a live classroom, never miss a thing

Effortless, safe engagment

Students can interact with emoji, click on links, ask questions anonymously, and upvote questions they find interesting.

Pause a live classroom

Students can pause the live lesson, rewind and rewatch parts they missed or want to hear again, during class or after.

Built with privacy and equity in mind

Students are not on camera or being recorded. They can watch and interact with the class even if they miss the live session.

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